Quilter’s Creative Touch 5 Beginnings

Quilter’s Creative Touch 5 Beginnings

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Quilter’s Creative Touch 5 Software is an automated quilting program and hardware package that enables your quilting machine to sew on its own! It’s available in two versions and works on domestic, midarm, and long arm machines. The Beginners and Pro versions of this software share many of the same features. They both have computer automated quilting, over 200 built-in patterns, continuous rows with PantoStacker, edge-to-edge quilting, and more. You can batch import, convert, and export patterns in different file types. With Quilter’s Creative Touch 5 Beginnings Software, you can sit back and watch as your machine does all the sewing for you. All you have to do is roll the quilt to the next section.
Where the Beginning and Pro versions differ is the added benefits. On Quilter’s Creative Touch 5 Pro updated software, you can create your own unique patterns using the record free-motion feature. Other advanced features include PatternCAD™ and QuiltCAD™, which allow you to design, develop, and edit your own patterns and quilt layouts. Create templates and use them for future projects and choose from advanced pattern placement options. These programs are user friendly and will work with Windows home computers, laptops, and tablets (not included).



User Friendly Interface


Both the Pro and Beginning versions of this software have a user-friendly interface. It has easy to follow prompts that allow you to go from one setting to the next smoothly. You can scroll through the included designs or swap to editing and placement with little more than the touch of a button. This software will work with any Windows tablet (not included) running full versions of 7, 8, 10, or later. (QCT5 Software will not work with Windows RT tablets.) To check out a list of table specifications, click here.


Edge to Edge Patterns


Quilting from edge to edge has never been easier. Both the Pro and Beginnings software allow you to auto-populate patterns you want to duplicate instead of placing patterns one at a time. Even better, the software will center your design based on your quilt size so you can save time and get to quilting faster.


200 Built-in Patterns


Quilter’s Creative Touch Software offers you an expansive library of designs to choose from. There are over 200 included patterns! You can select a block, continuous lines, corners, triangles, border sets, and more. With all these designs to choose from, you have almost endless creative possibilities.


Tutorials, Tips, and Help


Get help when you need it if you are struggling with a design or a software feature. The QCT5 software includes in-session tutorials on almost all aspects of the software, which are available to open and close at any time during use. For easy reference, the user manual is built into the software.


Automated Quilting


Included with the Quilter’s Creative Touch is a motor plate that attaches to the machine carriage and accurately controls the sewing machine’s motion for precise pattern stitching. This motor plate is what allows you to automate your stitches. You can sew your quilt with little more than the touch of a button when using this feature; all you have to do is reposition your quilt.


Precise Placement


Choose from different placement methods for different shapes with Quilter’s Creative Touch 5. It lets you place your patterns on your quilt the exact way you want and allows you to precisely align your pattern in relation to your quilt directly on-screen. There are seven methods to choose from to achieve perfect pattern placement. You physically set the design with your machine, and the tablet shows you a preview of what the finished quilt will look like.




Creating and editing pantographs is even easier with PantoStacker! PantoStacker creates single rows or alternating, staggered double rows that can then be used to sew an entire quilt. You can also edit your pantographs to a certain degree. Make small changes to the pattern by adjusting the height and width, or mix it up by rotating, flipping, or moving the design around. Quickly get perfect alignment without ever touching a yardstick!


Demo Software

QCT5 Pro



Record Free Motion


The Pro version of the Quilter’s Creative Touch Software allows you to record and save any free–motion quilted patterns to use or edit later. You can trace a pattern or have the software record your motion to sew or save for a later time. If you make a mistake, you can restart or if you need to pause and edit something, you can with the record option. This advanced feature is the ultimate way to design and record your work.




If you need a design that’s not included on the machine, the PatternCAD feature allows you to draw your own plans. You can also edit any of the 200 included patterns already on the software. From simple lines to intricate designs, there are various ways to achieve what’s in your imagination. PatternCAD gives you the ability to bring any idea to life and be stitched with Quilter’s Creative Touch 5 Pro.




While PatternCAD allows you to edit individual patterns, QuiltCAD enables you to design entire quilt block layouts. You can create intricate arrangements with different blocks throughout your quilt with this feature. You can merge, flip, rotate, and even adjust your blocks’ size with this tool.


Pattern Optimizer


If you make a mistake or need to fix something, the pattern optimizer has you covered. You can fix breaks in your pattern, adjust start/stop points, and optimize your design aspects. There is also an animate feature that will let you see how your design will stitch and look when it’s completed. Now you don’t have to worry or second guess yourself about what design you choose and if it’ll work with your quilt.




See how your quilt will look before sewing with the print patterns preview feature. You can layout your pattern for your quilt with these printed designs or even use them to trace directly onto your quilt for free-motion sewing. You can choose to print a single pattern, the whole row, or the entire quilt. To use, set your pantograph to print across multiple pages.


Trace Pictures


The Quilter’s Creative Touch 5 Pro, Trace feature, allows you to create patterns from your favorite pictures. Import any photo from your storage into PatternCAD, and you can “trace” it to replicate on your quilt. To use this feature, click as many points as you need to outline your image and apply the design just as any other pattern. Creating detailed portraits and striking prints are now as easy as point, click, and sew.



QCT5 Software with help files, Motor Plate, Tablet Mount for 10-12in screens, Belts, All necessary hardware, Screen Cleaning Cloth, Tablet Stylus, USB Cables, Surge Protector, Quick install guide, Cable taming kit


QCT5 Compats


The Quilter’s Creative Touch Software, Beginner and Pro, work with various machines and frames. Check out the list below to see if your machine and quilting frame will work with this fantastic software and take your quilting to the next level.

Machine Compatibilities:

Guaranteed Compatible with APQS Quilt Path Quilting Machines:
Freedom*, Lenni*, Lucy*, Millennium*

Guaranteed Compatible with Baby Lock Quilting Machines:
Quilter’s Choice Pro BLQP, Jewel*, Crown Jewel*, Crown Jewel II*, Crown Jewel III*

Guaranteed Compatible with Bernina Quilting Machines:
Aurora Series, Artista 6, Artista 7 Series, 820, 830

Guaranteed Compatible with Block RockiT Quilting Machines:
BlockiT 14+, Block RockiT Titan 21

Guaranteed Compatible with Brother Quilting Machines:
1500S*, VQ2400*, DQ1500*

Guaranteed Compatible with Elna Quilting Machines:
7100, 7200, 7300

Guaranteed Compatible with Janome Quilting Machines:
1600 (all versions), 6500, 6600, Artistic Quilter 18*, Artistic Quilter 18DX*, Artistic Quilter 26*, Artistic Quilter 26DX*

Guaranteed Compatible with Juki Quilting Machines:
98Q, 98QE, TL-200Qi, TL-2010Q, TL-2200QVP*, TL-2200QVP Mini

Guaranteed Compatible with Nolting Quilting Machines:
Fun Quilter 17*, Fun Quilter 20*, Pro Series 20*, Pro Series 24*

Guaranteed Compatible with Pfaff Quilting Machines:
Grand Quilter, Grand Quilter 18-8

Guaranteed Compatible with Q’nique Quilting Machines:
Q’nique 15R (14+), Q’nique 21, 21 Pro

Guaranteed Compatible with Viking Quilting Machines:
Mega Quilter, Mega Quilter 18-8

*Models marked with this symbol require a proprietary brand software that can be acquired from your machine manufacturer.

Frame Compatibilities:

Guaranteed compatible with Grace Quilting Frames:
GQ Frame, Q’nique Frame, Gracie King, Gracie Queen, SR-2 Frame, Majestic, Pinnacle, GMQ-Pro*, Little Gracie II*

Guaranteed compatible with the Bernina Frame*

Guaranteed compatible with the Pfaff iQuilt Frame

Guaranteed compatible with the Tin Lizzie Phoenix Frame

Guaranteed compatible with the Janome Artistic Frame

*Frames with this symbol require the latest carriage to be compatible.


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