Little Rebel

Little Rebel


Sewers and Quilters deserve a machine that can help them create projects as imaginative as they are. From features like size, 1600 stitches per minute, and its sewing-to-quilting feature, the Little Rebel is designed to be the tool you need for your next step in both sewing and quilting.

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Introducing the Little Rebel from the Grace Company!

Grace Company proudly presents the Little Rebel Straight-Stitch Machine, introducing just enough rebellion into the sewing and quilting industries to challenge the status quo! Until now, there have been physical or emotional limitations that might have stopped you from doing what you love. Giving the gift of a handmade bag, shirt, quilt, or anything else you pour your passion into is now more accessible than ever.

Made For Ease

Some sewing machines feel like they have more buttons than a NASA control center, but sewing and quilting shouldn’t feel like rocket science! The Little Rebel’s interface is made to be easy and comfortable to use.

More Power

With a motor that can sew at 1600 stitches per minute and the strength to power through any material you need, nothing is holding you back from reaching your creative dreams.

The Perfect Size

The Grace Little Rebel Straight-Stitch Machine gives you the space to create your projects in comfort.

With a throat space that’s 13″ long and a whopping 8.5″ tall, imagine the incredible things you can accomplish!

Perfect Stitches

The machine may be a rebel, but it’s ready to help you bring order and control to your stitches.

Built-in stitch regulation with four available sewing modes means you can confidently work that every stitch is perfectly placed.


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