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The Giving Doll - West

What is The Giving Doll? Our Mission is to give faith, love, joy, hope and comfort to children worldwide, at times of need through the construction and distribution of handmade dolls. This is an all day charity sewing day, if you are planning on hanging out with us for the entire day, please bring a lunch.

Kimberbell Fill In The Blank - West

Price will vary each month (based on kit cost)

Fabric Painting - West

Learn how to create your own colorful fabric art with Fabric painting. Learn to use fabric paints, ink pencils, and markers to make your embroidery designs a work of art! Choose 1 of the 2 beautiful designs, Fish or Flower, already embroidered for you to paint. Class includes embroidered design, ready to paint. Paints, pencils, and markers supplied to share in class. We will be using a beautiful fish design already embroidered for you. *Call the store to pick your design when you purchase the class. Space is limited. Just remember we will be working with fabric inks that will also dye your clothes you are wearing. Bring a roll of paper towels, paper plates and cups for water.

Sep 23
Lauren with Bold Notion Quilting - All 4 Classes! - West
Sep 23
Fancier Feathers - West
Sep 23
Kids Sew I - West