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When you buy embroidery machine software from Pins & needles, you not only receive the software, you receive complete support from our resident embroidery software expert with no time-limit. Most stores only provide you with limited support for a certain amount of time or sessions, but our software expert is available for help as long as you have the software!We have books, classes and software to help you with all of your embroidery questions and needs. We carry software formats for all embroidery machines, including manipulating software to allow for resizing, monogramming software and embroidery digitizing software to allow you to actually move stitches and make your own designs. Choose Pins & Needles to receive the most support for your embroidery software!

We offer support and classes on all software that we sell, or offer private lessons at all stores. Our newest newsletter features the following classes:

  • Basic Computer Skills
  • 6D Premier Workshop
  • Floriani Workshop
  • Intro to Software
  • Masterworks Workshop
  • The listed classes are not limited to one store.  They are only a selection of the computer classes we offer.  Be sure to check with your nearest store for an up-to-date list.